Addiction & Mental Health Treatment at Oceans Medical

From addiction to recovery, with group therapy and individual counseling along with a medical approach, we provide it all with a personalized mental health twist.

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We are experts in the field of primary mental health treatment and evidence-based substance abuse therapy.
Co-occurring disorders

Dual Diagnosis/Mental Health

Many who once dealt with addictions find sobriety challenging as a result of underlying conditions such as depression, anxiety, bipolar, OCD, PTSD. If you are struggling with a dual diagnosis, it means that you are affected by substance abuse along with a mental health ailment. Such a situation can be very difficult to deal with alone, but our seasoned professionals can make a dual diagnosis more manageable for you. The medical and psychiatric team at Oceans has years of experience at the top programs in the country, bringing a hybrid approach to recovery.


Partial Hospitalization

For clients who come to our substance abuse program with no treatment plan in place, we have a one of a kind treatment track for the rehabilitation they need to succeed. We not only educate the clients on how to get sober, stay sober and live healthy, but help with overall mental health care addressed throughout the process. Our team at Oceans are professionals at ensuring this life changing process is both safe, comfortable and results driven preparing them for the future.


IOP/OP Programs

The Oceans Medical Centers Outpatient Program designed by our executive team has the core beliefs that real world experience tied in with the proper treatment plan produces success. Our staff goes above and beyond to encourage clients to enjoy life, be an active member of the community, and to have the goal of living life both independently and substance free. We track their progress and behaviors while in sober living and also keep clients active outside of the center. An active aftercare plan can make a world of a difference on an outpatient level.

About The Disease

Medication Management

Our medication management program is geared to those who battle with mental illness and/or addiction, where we help stabilize those individuals. Our medical approach includes medications, dopamine homeostasis, heavy metal detox, hyper-oxygenation, and more. By incorporating eastern modalities with western treatment theories, we actually increase the opportunity for recovery by 85% or more.

Woman about to relapse.

Relapse Prevention Education

We understand the importance of educating our clients on healthy coping skills so that you are armed with the proper tools and knowledge when you feel a craving or see a trigger. At Oceans Medical Centers, a relapse prevention plan is tailored to fit the needs of every unique individual. We go over relapse prevention in groups as well as individual counseling sessions to ensure you get the maximum therapeutic benefit.

Oceans family program.

OCEANS™ Family Programs

The support of your family is critical for achieving long-term recovery. We help heal broken relationships and educate the family about how to help their loved one throughout and after the treatment process. As our client’ heal, it is necessary for families to heal as well. This program gives families the ability to understand addiction, mend relationships, increase communication, and set healthy boundaries.

Group therapy

Group Therapy Sessions

Our group therapy sessions are interactive between fellow peers and focus on educating our clients about the disease of addiction, spirituality, trauma therapy, cognitive behavioral distortions, learning new coping skills, creating relapse prevention plans, building self-esteem, minimizing anger and stress, co-dependency issues, improving communication skills, defense mechanisms against cravings, positive goal-setting, relationships with family and loved ones.

Inner healing

Holistic Healing Techniques

The goal for our addiction specialists is to get to the root causes of your substance abuse: we want to know why you are using in the first place. Only when you can face yourself with those realities and overcome them will your inner healing process begin. We promote your self-discovery and reinventing with massage therapy, yoga sessions, chiropractic care, and physical wellness with the help of healthy meal planning and regular exercise.

One-on-one therapy

Individual Counseling Therapy

Our individual counseling sessions are built from the proprietary OCEANS Therapist Matching Model™ that is carefully crafted to every last small detail so that you or your loved one are matched with an individual counselor for one-on-one sessions that you can fully trust, open up to, and build a lasting bond with as you share your experiences, feelings, and emotions in a more intimate and private atmosphere where you can feel fully comfortable and at peace.

What Former Clients Say About Us

Exactly six months ago I sat alone in my room, desolate, with a needle in my arm ready to die. Luckily my family convinced me that life is worth living and I entered the program at Oceans Medical. The warmth and kindness I felt from the staff were instant, and the groups were actually therapeutic, I felt a little better about myself after every session. Thank you to everyone at Oceans for helping me rebuild my self-worth and self-esteem, today I am proud of who I am and wouldn't change it for another day in misery for anything.

Testimonial Girl
Mayra Stevens